Friday, April 23, 2010

Villarś PSE influence peddling. Are you really surprised?

Sen. Villar and his supporters cannot and and will not deny that Sen. Villar appeared before the PSE Board seeking approval of his Vista Land stock listing.

It is legalistic and symptomatic of him to assert that there were no "written" laws broken. What the good senator forgot is that the spirit of political service and the Constritution has been broken. Nobody did it better than Villar in stretching to the extreme the bounds of morality and decency in the unholy mixing business with politics.

And they cannot complain "Why only now?", when referring to the 2007 stock listing of Vista Land.
They should apply it to their black propaganda of Noynoy being an owner of the BEST Security company and raking in lucrative *contracts(what contracts? where?) from many, many years back, 1987+ something.


*Only one contract with the PNCC and is still in effect and through the administration of Aquino, Ramos, Estrada and Arroyo.

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