Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Sweetheart deal in 689 Million pesos contract for Comelec. just for folders!!

Src: Philstar, April 07, 2010: Comelec defends price tag on folders

Who are the members of the Comelec in the bids and awards committee? They should be fired for attempted corruption. Imagine, they specified special dimensions, type of paper and color to favor a certain company who is the only manufacturing the product!!

How much was the cookie jar at stake?

The "special" 28 inches long and 9.5 inches wide blue plastic envelopes (or folders), which should have been used for enclosing returns cost 380 Pesos each and the Comelec ordered 1.815 million of the expensive folders for a total of 689 millions of pesos. Wow!!! In China, they might get a bullet in the head. So great was the temptation that the contractor told Comelec they have a patent pending on the folder of the given size to fit to a T the Comelec requirements. It would be interesting to know if the specifications came first before the patent application!.

We don't have to wait for the corruption to be committed. The intent to defraud the taxpaying public should bring hefty fines and appropriate punishment.

Did the government lose? Yes, it lost more than time spent in trying to entertain this bid.
It lost more than money, current and future, to make up for lost time! It is fast losing respect as an efficient, independent constituted body.

It already lost a large measure in the Gov.Estilito Mendoza case (This is not a mystery.) who was reinstated as governor of Bulacan by the Supreme Court after being booted out by the Comelec for the remaining term. It is unfortunate that Among Ed, and Padaca did not have friends in the .. What am I saying? Read Ms. Vitug startling expose about the Supreme Court which includes the assertion that Mendoza and the Punos are very close friends.

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