Thursday, December 20, 2012

Paskong Materialismo by H.J.D. Alvarez

"Paskong Materialismo?"
Tulang mapuna ni H.J.D.Alvarez

Tila iba ang tuon
Lapastangan sa Poon
Kasakimang daluyong
Karnabal taon-taon?

Si Mamona ang reyna
Maharuyong diyosa
Habang si Tatay Abba
Madalas itsapwera!

Mga diyos sa Pasko:
Santa Claus at regalo,
Bunos at aginaldo --
Christmas parting maluho?

Pero pwede ba'ng Pasko --
Balat-kayong may Kristo?
Pagkat ang espiritu --
Diablong materialismo?!

Hindi naman masama
Magdulang at magsaya
Basta ang isadiwa:
Inkarnasyong Maylikha!

Shared with permission from H.J.D. Alvarez

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Gadget review: Sakura 30x60 binoculars

I was looking for a less than P200 peso gift at National Book Store. I found the following Sakura binocular (photo to be posted later)

This cost P301 pesos! So I bought it for myself. The specifications:

126m x 1000 m
Field 7.2o
free chamois cleaning cloth
Price 301 pesos.

Quoted dollar prices range from 3.19 USD to 12.99 USD. But we dont know what we would be getting from the suppliers.
Unfortunately there is no left or right eye diopter adjustment and it does not really zoom. the center wheel is only for focusing, but it has a solid body and the images are bright. I will give it a whirl these coming days and will post my observations on this binocular.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

OpenDNS now blocking free video viewing sites.

Sites which offers free video viewing are now blocked in my computer by opendns. I cannot get mad, since it also prevents you from sinning. If you really want to visit those sites to give you guilty pleasures, you can do it from PC or Internet Kiosks.

I dont think the one blocking the site is opendns though but my isp provider. It may be under legal rules not to allow file sharing or be a party to file sharing or copyright violations. This is sneaky as the Network Administrator is NOT identifying itself, or does not disclose the employer.