Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Looking for a cheap personal wifi router?

I knew our favorite cheap gadget store, CDRKing, should have one. And after thirty minutes of browsing for such products in its online catalog, I could not pinpoint a battery powered, personal 3G wifie router as there were so many devices described! Googling, I stumbled merrily into this site:


According to this site, this gadget will set us back for PH 2,180 pesos! and the battery will give us a decent 3 hour life. But the site also tell us that we may have suffer from dropped connections and unexpected 3G to 2G switching. Well at least we are warned.

Going back to the online catalog, I got the following information (information from

Plug & Go

Just plug in 3G modem (USB) and surf Internet easily

Play & Share

High-Speed Internet access for up to 30 devices. Simultaneously with a single mobile broadband account

Supports wireless N standard with data speeds up to 150 mbps on local area network

Dual CPU solutions powered by 3G modem processor and Ralink Technology

One-stop setting. Auto network detection & auto APN setting

Both way for WAN & LAN, WAN mode for hotel/office/home Internet, LAN for PC access

Compact size fit in every pocket

And here is a close up view: