Saturday, March 31, 2012

April 1 gems from wikipedia

... that a fish in a fishbowl is in a fish?
... that if you want to talk to the anal it helps to speak their language?
... that the United States once fought 32 tons of shark fins, and the fins won?
... that a Baker went into outer space with sea urchin sperm, later receiving a rubber duck and many bananas for her efforts?
... that a Roman Catholic priest got five Super Bowl rings with the 49ers?
... that Nuns can fly at high altitudes?
... that red hot penises can be pickled, but it is recommended one not eat them?
... that people have cut off arms and legs because of Gigli?

1234 – An Englishman lost the Battle of the Curragh in Ireland (location pictured), at the same place where an Australian would win the 1297 Battle of Stirling Bridge in Scotland many years later.
1918 – The British Armed Forces started to grant personnel the power to fly.
1970 – The first of over 670,000 gremlins were released into North America to crush imported machines.
2002 – Five years after the Dutch government allowed more people to marry, they decided it was acceptable to kill one's spouse.
2006 – As mandated by a 2005 Act of the British Parliament, several British policing agencies joined together to become very serious and organised.