Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Habal-habal, a dangerous mode of transportation

They call this an example of Filipino ingenuity. No need for expensive tricycle attachment instead passengers seat dangling on the left and right sides of a horizontal contraption attached to the motorcycle. Here is a photo of a habal-habal with a roof(!) from a classmate:

It requires that there is a balance between the left and right riders. Now this will be banned in other countries, but it shows the state of transportation in the Philippines, especially in rural areas.

Here is another photo, shared by an Facebook friend. (If this is copyrighted, I will remove it immediately). It is incredidble that passengers seem oblivious to the dangers of riding this type of motored transportation.Dont be suprised of learning in the newpapers accidents involving habal-habal!

This mode of transportation can bring thrills of riding a roller coaster. But that is another indication of the fatalistic attitude of Filipinos!