Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Why Villar rebuttal is so unconvincing

What a man or unman. Villar, the businessman who uses political position to further his business interests, of course safely rebuts in public or in interviews the accusations of graft and corruption and unethical business practices. He prefers to lamely talk his piece and walk away from being interpellated by his peers in the Senate on the last days of the Senate sessions! Here is a self-serving rebuttal found in Villar rebuts Mondos in Juan Country blog. Please do read it and also read Jamby Madrigal's speech.

As much as he wants to spend on getting the C5 controversy out of the way, he will never reach the level of our older generation of Filipino leaders when it comes to integrity, ethics and avoidance of conflict of self or business interest. He has still, we believe, not broken the ties to his corporations. He will be a president not for the people but for the benefit of his businesses.

Nothing succeeds like marrying politics with business!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

C5 extension road passing thru Villar properties

It is not good that we do not get the latest areal photos. Google maps and google earth do not show latest pics! This pic only shows the C5 passing through Golden Haven.

We bow to a much clearer, more recent and comprehensive picture presented in Winnie Monsod's presentation available in youtube:

A transcript of the news segment is available from C5 W. Monsod transscript