Thursday, April 26, 2012

CDRKing jelly lens are a big disappointment.

Jelly lens are supposed to be inexpensive add-ons to cell phone cameras to provide special effects like closeups and multiple images. I bought two today this afternoon and I am disappointed that the jelly lens do not have sufficient adhesion.

I will have to return them tomorrow. Luckily I still have the receipt. The 80 peso price is ridiculously high for such simplistic gadgets, which can elevate them to customer rip-offs.


Verdict: Wait for CDRKing to provide a higher quality and cheaper jelly lens.

I dont mind the expense of buying them, if it can save our readers money.

According to a blog article, Divisoria's 168 is a good source. See honestley.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

How much does a bargain P688.00 airline ticket cost?

You still save money, but here is a breakdown of fees which horribly increase the actual cost of a P688.00 to , to P1686.96

Base fare: 688.00
Aviation Security fee 15.00
Fuel Surcharge 400.00
PH-VAT 153.96
Web Admin Fee-manual 80.00
Insurance Fee(ancillary)250.00
Seat Selection Fee 100.00
Total Amount 1686.96

As far as I know, the insurance fee may be deselected, but the web-admin and seat selection fees are forced upon the traveller.

Thus expect bargain prices of P688.00 to end up more than double (1,376 pesos) from one airline.

Gadgets: Inexpensive stylus for capacitive touch screens from CDRKing

Here is a winner from CDRKing! An inexpensive P30.00 2-in-1 Stylus Pen. On one end is a rubber tipped stylys and on the opposite end is an ordinary ballpen. Since it is quite inexpensive, one may just buy another one when the pen runs dry.
To think that another store was selling a P399.00 stylus! I tested it on my basic entry level Android Motorola Fire XT cellphone and it worked well. This will result in higher accuracy when "typing" characters.

There were actually thicker versions than the stylus I chose. Here is the product information:

item number: STL-001-YSC
description: 2-in-1 stylus pen
features: dual purpose, writes on paper and used as stylus; rubber tipped, for capacitive touchscreen device, brass metal finish, 7.5 mm diameter, length 138mm, weighs 9.6 gram.

I got my stylus at the CDRKing branch in the second floor of SM Bacolod.

April 27, 2012: The stylus pen clip has detached already.It was actually difficult to remove from your shirt pocket since the design is like a barb.

And the stylus has to be assisted by a real finger or thumb touch since it sometimes lose sensitiviy!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Gadgets: 8-in-one pen type screwdriver from National Book store.

I bought this 8-in-one pen type screwdriver from National Book Store. When I opened the package only four screwdriver tips got out. I was about to get mad when I peeked and saw that four tips were stuck up inside the barrel.

The tips are magnetically held in the tip holder but it may still be easy to lose some of the tips. It may fall out and drop nowhere. This tool will set you back for 104 pesos.

I think it is not good to put this in your pocket though as it may sag your shirt pocket due to its weight.


CDR King provides various styles of multi-tip screwdrivers with more convenient case. One model even has an LED flashlight, which was sold also in NBS. Even sidewalk vendors might sell them. What to be sure of is that they should not cost more than 200 pesos.

Gadgets: cool off with a handy evaporative water mist spray cooler!

One can feel the cooling effect of a moist towel when the water evaporates. Here is a gadget which may come close to that effect, an inexpensive water mist spray cooler! I saw it at National Book Store, in Gaisano mall yesterday Sep. 21, 2012. It will set you back at 130 pesos.

Unfortunately, it cannot produce a fine spray all the time and you can make enemies if you use it publicly, since droplets may be too large. To have more effective cooling fun with this, you should spray a little distance away from your body. The purpose is not to wet the body but to allow the water spray to evaporate. It might be better to take a full shower bath to really cool off.This gadget will make a fine conversation piece. You may have more success with a converted perfume spray bottle.

You will enjoy being a young kid spraying your kids or wife or husband, but dont bet on doing it for a long time. The anger effect may be faster and stronger than the cooling effect you will get from this device in these days of 35+ simmering temperatures.

Recommendation. buy only if you dont feel the pain of spending 130 pesos!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

More fun in the Philippines: How to cross a river.

I saw this first in a FB friend's post.

It looks fake. I mean I am sure that their uniforms will be dirtied, their hands chipped from friction. More investigation who originated this.

here is the link :

Not so funny results from Casio Calculators

Look at this! (from 9gag)

This is inconsistent behavior and in the first place illustrates the danger of blindly entering formulas via keystrokes. Avoid implied multiplication or division! There should be an explicit asterisk or slash symbol and one must be sure that the calculator obeys MDAS(My Dear Aunt Sally) order of computation.