Thursday, June 9, 2011

Quick Reference to Using the A540 Canon Powershot camera.

I have taken a lot of photos with this compact camera but I dropped it accidentaly one time and now I have to use scotch tape to close the battery cover and the viewing screnn now shows a red dead pixel. But it is still serviceable. This camera has a rated 6 Megapixels sensor, just half of my Samsung ES30 compact camera. And yet the Canon has manual controls, like shutter and aperture priority. This article will gather tips and techniques in using this relatively older camera model which was introduced in 2005.
  • Any published references to the A540 powershot camera?
    1. Wikipedia article
    2. Digital Photography review
  • How do I transfer my photo files to a computer?
  • You can either turn off the camera, open the battery cover and remove the SD card, then do standard file copying operations on the contents either on the terminal or in a gui. A much neater method is to attach the supplied usb cable. In linux, if you have f-spot software installed, the images can be transferred by a simple mouse click! Select Photo/Import then click on "Canon Digital Camera" as your source. Beware that F-spot does not display movies!
  • The card is almost full. How do I format it?
  • Be sure tht you have copied the most important photos you want. In shooting mode, press the MENU button at the back of the camera, then under Setup, choose the card symbol until the Format message shows up in the right side of the top row screen. Then press the center Func Set button to format. If you simply want to erase all photos, go into non-shooting mode, press MENU, then select ERASE ALL then press the SET button.
  • How do I check the battery level?
  • There is no battery level indicator! but the camera will tell you when to change the battery when it is nearly exhausted. If you are serious about photography with the Powershot camera, you have to bring extra batteries with you when shooting.
  • How do I change the pixel resolution of the image?
  • In shooting mode, press Func Set, then scroll to the last option. There you can see and set the various resolutions.
    M1 2272x1704
    M2 1600x1200
    To be continued....

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Google Incorporation scam and spam

When will Google stop sending emails with blank "to:" fields? It is acting as a party to this common spam and scam activities!
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