Monday, April 5, 2010

Villar millions unable to stem slide in popularity in latest surveys.

After cleverly spending millions in almost daily advertising during the last months of 2009, which is not illegal as it was not yet in the official campaign period for presidential elections, Villar must be wondering wondering the ephemeral nature of spikes in presidential surveys. As of today, Noynoy Aquino leads comfortably by a safe margin, in the latest Pulse Asia survey. We repeat the telling results in the following table.

March. 10 Pulse Asia Survey Results
Rank Candidate Percentage
6Villanueva 2
8Delos Reyes 0.20
Src: GMANEWS.TV Pulse Asia Survey

The Undecided category totalled 9.00 %. There were a total of 3,000 respondents. Acosta was not yet
disqualified at that time and his name appeared in the list.

Villar also now has a problem of fending off charges of hyperbolic untrue depiction of
his family poverty in Tondo, when they have a 3 storey house and on the death of his
brother "Danny" due to the unavailibility of family funds for medicines and drug. His
brother died actually due to leukemia , which was considered untreatable during those
previous years.

Villar now complains about media practitioners and bloggers about the black propaganda,
the charges that he is a closet "Villaroyo" candidate and that he has a big fucking deal
with the first gentleman.

Next month is May! We hope that the presidential candidates will not be killed (you can win when
you don't have opponents!) and that the Supreme Court gets its prestige back by not giving
credit to Utang na Loob mentality.

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