Thursday, April 8, 2010

Is Villar hallucinating? Villar banks on managerial ability to run RP if elected

The first thing Villar will do if elected is to "loot" the republic to recover his billions of pesos spent in his election camapaign, before, during and after the official start of the campaign period.

Next, this inveterate and invertebrate liar, resorting to even manufacturing a sob story about their family poverty as a contributing factor to his brother Danny's death to leukemia is NOT and was never a good enterpreneur, nearly bankrupting the SSS and GSIS, his own CAPITOL Bank during his real estate business growth. What proof Villar can give to to this "excellent enterpreneurship"???

Villar is not running to serve the interests of the republic but to serve HIS own!
In fact he never CUT-OFF his ties to his business while he was congressman, senator and now still, hold this! a presidential candidate.

This is too much. It is high time that people awaken to the real truths about Moneyed Manny Villar.

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