Saturday, April 3, 2010

Manuel V. Pangilinan caught copying parts of his commencement exercises for Ateneo graduates

Click on mvp admit mistake, offers to retire from Ateneo positions

Ateneo, which has given us Jose Rizal, Jose Pidal and the FG, has a new distinction of being the the venue of MVP commencement address. The said address supposedly contained parts from speeches of JK Rowling, Oprah, and Conan O'Brien.

For the full text, click on MVP commencement address

Well in this Internet age, where some just simply cut and paste source, to save time and effort as one Ormoc reader suggests to us, the little slips can become major falls.

Is this embarassing slip too great for MVP? He resigned from the chairmanship of Ateneo's board of trustees but also returned an honorary degree to Ateneo! See the following link:
Recent developtments:MVP returns Ateneo honorary doctorate

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