Sunday, April 18, 2010

Alexa Rankings of the top 50 Topblogs/Education Blog sites

Alexa Rankings of Top Educational Topblogs Websites, as of April 19, 3:27 AM.

Top 50 Educational blogs
Rank BlogAlexa Rank
1Thinking Made Easy118,499
3PRC Board Exam Results434,047
7Civi Service and PRC Board Exam Results1,263,189
9Scolex Portal3,745,835
10Digital Explorations1,223,835
11The Critical Thinker(tm)2,879,467
12The Resident Architect412,943
13Philippine Nursing Directory5,444,439
14Nursing Lectures2,869,336
16Mathematics and Multimedia3,068,512
17Architecture Overload6,206,477
18Modern Architectural Concepts3,854,640
19Doc Ernie's Adventure26,749,339
20 Scholarship's Grants Online5,942,872
21Maikling Kuwento3,747,268
22assessing and teaching K-10 mathematics23,777,469
23Board Exam Review6,703,223
24Nurse eXchange.com7,353,127
25Nursing Board Exam3,765,278
26PRC Board Exam Results10, 515, 704
28Green Architecture11,648,244
29School Librarian in Action1,957,220
30mentors town8, 445,381
31What is a Progressive School?134,286
32A Throb of Knowledge 11,228,997
34Christian Homeschooler 1,573,354
35The Philippines Top Universities and collegesno rank
36CAFA Notes18,760,020
37Business Matters2,970,910
39A Teacher's Odyssey3,419,990
40Architectural E-Books5,673,233
41tips ni katoto27,132,704
42Licensure Exam Results @ Idigeo.com5,653,122
43Teacher's Pet Corner16,727
44Investing Pinoy7,078,995
45rizal colege of laguna25,756,902
46Herbal Medicineno rank
47NLE Results July 201010,234,046
48LearnFookienno rank
49Career| Male Nurse481,437
50Einsteinno rank

Only ten more and one missing.... Those with "no rank" are usually very new sites.

May I suggest that blogsite owners should not take Alexa rankings shown very seriously or attach to it so great an importance, but to treat it only as a reporting tool. As a matter of fact, this blog, dr-adorio adventures has an Alexa rank of 26,749,339, meaning there are 26.7 million+ sites more popular than our own! The most unusual sites are Teacher's Pet Corner with Alexa rank of 16,727 but with a topblogs rank of only 43 and Career|Male Nurse with Alexa rank of 481,437 but with a topblog ranking of 49. It simply shows that Alexa rankings may not reflect the true popularity of a site.

Topblogs itself has an Alexa rank of 39,850.

This table will be continually updated until we get the Alexa rankings for all the top 50 blogs listed in topblogs/education.

The nice thing about Alexa is that you don't have to list your site to have an Alexa Ranking. So educational sites listed in topblogs have an independent check of a site's popularity.
But of course, topblogs will have a greater impact since your educational site is compared with the other Philippine educational sites.

Congratulations to all sites with Alexa ranks below 1,000,000. This table was an eye opener and shows that Philippine blogs can be ranked highly by a foreign ranking entity(Alexa).

The top sites google, facebook and yahoo leads the Alexa rankings.

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