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It's the super intense, physical NBA Playoff Season!! Updated April 20,26,27,29

Updated April 26 6:47AM PT

April 25: Only the Orlando Magic is doing justice to a higher seeding in the Finals.

  • Eastern Conference

    Teams Game 1Game 2Game 3Game 4Game 5Game6Game 7
    Cleveland Cavaliers 96 112 106 121 96
    Chicago Bulls 83 102 108 98 94

    Cavaliers won series over Bulls, 4-1
    Game 1. With the big Diesel Oneal around, the Cavaliers are expected to steamroll over the Chicago Bulls.

    Game 2. James put on a spectacular performance, even J. Noah can only shakes his head in disbelief.

    Game 3. The Bulls are fighting back!
    Game 4. Despite the poor showing of the Diesel after the first game, the Cavaliers still won and is now on the way to win the series.

    Game 5. Series is over! King James and Antawn Jamison contributed much to the loss of the Bulls.

    Teams Game 1Game 2Game 3Game 4Game 5Game6Game 7
    Miami Heat 76 77 9810186
    Boston Celtics 85 106 100 9296
    Celtics wins series over the Heat, 4-1
    Game 1. The Celtics may have won, but Garnett has been suspended for Game 2! for elbowing Q. Richardson.
    Game 2. Heat lost by a large margin to a Celtics team without Garnett! The Heat is in danger of
    being wiped out in the series.
    Game 3. The Heat lost by two points on a final shoot by Pierce. And Wade hurt his left leg by landing on Allens foot. The Celtics can close out the Heat on the next game.
    Game 4. The Heat is hanging on! with a spectacular (as usual) performance from Dwyane Wade, sizzling hot at 46 points!
    Game 5. But the hex that the no team EVER has surmounted a 0-3 hole might to win a playoff series
    means the Heat has to improve it play or roster next year. Q. Richardson is one Heat player contributing well.

    Teams Game 1Game 2Game 3Game 4Game 5Game6Game 7
    Atlanta Hawks 102 96 89 1048783 95
    Milwaukee Bucks 92 86 107 111916974

    Atlanta wins series 4-3 to meet the Orland Magic in the second round.

    Game 1. Without the big Australian A. Bogut, the Bucks may not be able to beat the Hawks in any of the games.
    Game 2. Another predictable game for the Atlanta Hawks.
    Game 3. Surprising Bucks. Unlike the Heat, they won one. (April 27) The Heat just did!
    Game 4. The Hawks were surprisingly beaten by the Boguesless Bucks team, thanks to Delfino star perfromance.
    Game 5. With Bogues in the sidelines cheering, the Bucks get another win! with rookie Jennings on a hot shooting hand and Tim Thomas sealing the win.
    Game 6. Atlanta managed to survive with Jamal Crawford regaining his shooting touch.
    Game 7. Atlanta wins series in the only NBA first round series which went the full distance of seven games!

    Teams Game 1Game 2Game 3Game 4Game 5Game6Game 7
    Orlando Magic 98 92 90 99
    Charlotte Bobcats 89 77 86 90
    Magic wins the Series against the Bobcats, 4-0

    Game 1. As expected, the Magic beats the Bobcats who are on their first playoffs.
    Game 2. The Bobcats has no answer to Dwight Howard.
    Game 3. This looks like a shutout already!
    Game 4. A shutout indeed, and the Orland Magic players may have a good rest while waiting for the other series games to end. Their next opponent will be the winner of the Atlanta vs Milwaukee games.

  • Western Conference

    Teams Game 1Game 2Game 3Game 4Game 5Game6Game 7
    Utah Jazz 113 114 105 117 112 112
    Denver Nuggets 126 111 93 106 116 104

    Jazz wins series over the Nuggets 4-2

    Game 1. C. Anthony is so inspired to lead his team in scoring in beating the Jazz.
    Game 2. Deron Williams played well and played the hero even without their injured big men Kirelenko and Mehmet Okur. The Jazz stymied C. Anthony this time.
    Game 4. The Jazz built up a lead which withstood the 4th quarter performance of C. Anthony.
    Game 5.Nuggets came back with a solid win.
    Game 6. The Jazz simply played better defense.

    TeamsGame 1Game 2Game 3Game 4Game 5Game6Game 7
    Los Angeles Lakers 87 95 96 89 11195
    Oklahoma City Thunder 79 92 101 1108794
    Lakers eliminates Thunder to win their series,at 4-2

    Game 1. With big bodied, 7 footer A. Bynum and the versatile 7footer Spaniard P.Gasol present,
    The Lakers beat the surprising Oklahoma Thunder since transferring from Seattle.
    Game 2. Bryant scored 39 in a surprising game where the Lakers won by 3 pts.
    Game 3. Durant dominated in Game 3, leading his team to their first playoff games win..
    Game 4. Durant and company is teaching the Lakers the danger of not taking them seriously.
    Game 5. Pau Gasol contributed 25 points, Bynum added 21 and Artest, yes Ron, added 14 while Kobe only had 13 points in a rout of the surprising Thunder. This time, the Lakers built up a comfortable lead which the Thunder could not surmount. The series shifts back to Oklahoma, where the Thunder won two games.
    Game 6. Pau Gasols tip-in of a Bryant's shot in the last seconds is the game saver and series winner for the Lakers.

    Teams Game 1Game 2Game 3Game 4Game 5Game6Game 7
    San Antonio Spurs 94 102 94 92 81 97
    Dallas Mavericks 100 88 9089 10387

    Spurs beats Mavericks 4-2 to win series.

    Game 1. It is high time the Spurs should pick young athletic "players. Manu can only do so much.
    Game 2. The Spurs are suprising !
    Game 3. Tony Parker in the bench made jumpshots fall in.
    Game 4. The 'dogs' players as their Coach describes them, with George Hill making a major contribution of 29 points.
    Game 5. Caron Butler 35 points helped the Mavs win one at home. But the next game is at San Antonio.
    Game 6. Four fouls for Nowitzki in just the first quarter was a bad sign that Mavericks may lose.

    Teams Game 1Game 2Game 3Game 4Game 5Game6Game 7
    Portland Trailblazers 105 90 89 96 88 90
    Phoenix Suns 100 119 108 87 107 99

    Suns wins series over the Trailblazers 4-2

    Game 1. The Trailblazers suprised the Suns by stealing Game 1!This without B.Roy and without G. Oden. This promises to be an interesting series.

    Game 2. Suns come back energized. Outshines the Trailblazers with their normal fast tempo.

    Game 3. Jason Richardson is blazing hot with 42 total points, most of them 3 pointers.

    Game 4. Guess what? B. Roy is back! and his presence inspired the Trailblazers to beat the Suns 96-87

    Game 5. Jared Dudley and Channing Frye of the Suns bench pulled off excellent performances to help the Suns beat the Trailblazers.

    Game 6. The Suns won the game on their own preferred fast tempo.

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