Friday, April 30, 2010

Flash! Whatś with the Aubrey Miles scandal locker room photos?

After that unfortunate Philippine-Australian actress bra accident Anne Curtis nipple slip, next come a more sinister, NOT-so accidental photos of Aubrey Miles undressing in a tennis locker room. But as you can see in the photo she is not totally undressed.

We refrain from hosting photos in our server but we only provide links to the images of this former sexy star. She is now a Mom and I think Moms demand a little respect. Never mind that Miles was attention grabbing in her salad days! You have to click on the links! Aubrey photo 1

and here is the object of all the brouhaha: only a stolen back-side view of this beautiful actress. Aubrey photo 2

For those hot blodied males, visit the source

If you are wondering why we are publishing links, once in a while, serious topics have to give way to entertainment and gossip.

We don’t have control over the linked photos. So beware and be aware of danger when clicking on them as they may be redirected to something else! (Advertising and Virus advertising schemes)as what happened to another boracay affair Karylle (Zsa Zsa Padilla's daughter) nipple slip hoax Karylle nipple slip hoax.

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