Monday, April 12, 2010

It will be much more dramatic, more physical, more nail-biting , more dirty into the homestretch of the presidential campaign.

Fooliticks, opinion, and satire.

It seems that commentators are having a field day regarding Noynoy's pseudo pschiatric report brazenly setup by the NP dirty tricks department. As the frontrunner, Noynoy should expect mud slung at him most of the time by his detractors. Strangely Villar has the naughty attitude that the ends justify the means.Trailing in the opinion polls, he has to come up with anything he can grab on to fling at the Aquino LP campaign.

People demands that Noynoy subject himself to psychiatric testing to prove once and for all , the allegations hurled by a FALSE report. Commentators have focused much on the lack of performance to show that Aquino will make a good president. To these commentators, let them have Gloria before she became president.Psychiatric testing is not required for candidacy! Let Congress enact laws first to enforce such requirement!

There are a lot of things that crosses one mind about this presidential campaign.

1. Villar's SALN cannot cover his media camapaign expenses which runs into the billions. As he boasted that he is only using his own money. who , what orgainiztions back up this superrich candidate?

2. Villar putting a positive spin to his low and lagging survey standing in SWS by comparing its result with Pulse Asia! harks to supreme intellectual dishonesty.

3. Villar trumpeting his family's previous poverty as a factor in the death of his brother (due to leukemia) and his continuing false advertising as 'mahirap' shows that Villar may be suffering from congenital lying.

4. Villar's braggadacio about his managerial skills does not hold water. What happened to Capitol's bank? What did he do to nearly bankrup the GSIS, and SSS?

5. Why does the Comelec seems to hate the Liberal Party and removing duly elected LP governors such as Padaca and Among Ed? Why in the case of the latter, votes for 'Among' were not counted for the governor in the recounting?

6. Why was the name of Acosta NOT stricken out of the printed ballots? There was still plenty of time to rectify this stupid mistake. There should have been a due diligence study before his candidacy was approved.

We could give you more but we stop. There are better commentators than us and we request readers to read again the articles of Bill Esposo and Winnie Monsod.

May be continued....

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