Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Villar on Salcedo's jumping ship: It disproves "Villaroyo" tag!

We don't understand how Villar can conclude that Mr. Salcedo's jumping ship to the LP is proof that diproves the Villaroyo charge.
Villar said Salceda’s move from Arroyo’s Lakas-Kampi-CMD to LP is proof of the potential Aquino-Arroyo tandem and disproves the "Villaroyo" charge. Salcedo served as Arroyo’s economic adviser and had been a strong supporter of President Arroyo and her official candidate, Gilbert Teodoro Jr.
You can be sure that the Lakas-Kampi organization is SHOCKED by such party swapping of Mr. Salcedo. This only proves that Villar is an expert on giving a positive spin to a negative story. There is plenty of time for the voting public to look at Villar's crude attempt to hide his dismay! If Salcedo jumped to the clutches of the NP, they would feast on it as a disproof of 'Villaroyo', but if it is a jumping to other parties, it is also disproof of Villaroyo. This must be INSANITY.
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Src: abs-cbn news

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