Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Software piracy... What software piracy? Nonsensical economic loss studies

US Government Admits Most Piracy Studies Are Nonsense

Just browsed one of my favorite Linux sites. Visit
Of course, this news item does not give us blanket authority to just copy and use without a blink commercial softwares especially on the Windows and Mac systems.

The nonsense is not about the legality of piracy but about the economic loss costs attributed to software piracy! If you are a small software company, you can feel the pinch, but for large companies which can easily absorb the costs, softwre piracy can even be beneficial!! If you are worried about being suspected of software piracy, it is high time that you explore the Open source and free software environment provided by the GNU/Linux ecosystems. The quality may surprise small businesses and the operating costs  are low. But you need special training to keep you on your toes during the first early adoption.

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