Saturday, April 17, 2010

Selecting a president based on the company, friends, and endorsers he keeps

We present here a list of friends and endorsers of Villar and Aquino. We hope that the voter will pick the right candidate. YOu will know the character of a man by the quality of the company he keeps. Even Jesus had sinners and tax collectors as friends!

Presidential Candidate Endorsements
Villar Aquino
Jose Ma. SisonFormer Sen. Jun Magsaysay Jr.
Jocjoc BolanteFormer CJ Hilario Davide Jr.
Andal AmpatuanNini Quezon-Avancena, Pres. MLQ daughter
Chavit SingsonGov. Jose Salceda, economist
Ret. Maj. General Ramon Montano

To be continued ......Send me additional friends if you are interested in this list :)

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