Thursday, April 8, 2010

Why people will vote for corrupt people.

There is not denying that there is still poverty in the country as the campaign jingles, posters and advertisement of the presidential candidate show.

Yet, sadly, there will be voters for moneyed corrupt people. Why??
Consider for instance Among Ed, the former governor of Pampanga. In his short service as governor, cut-off by the Comelec, Pampanga province has collected more quarry taxes than his predecessor. and the amount is boggling large! No wonder the Lapids, Pinedas and the Arroyos would want to dip their hands in Pampanga's politics.

Ask any 'decent' Kapampangan. They will tell you that Among is "mahigpit!" and may not vote for him. In other words people have this strange expectation the fruits of any corruption to filter down to their own persons. Such delusions. Such surrender of their fate. The politicians and voters are now the same!!

What we need is a revolution in character. It is high time that justice be given in the May 10 elections. Vote for straight people! Vote for moral people! Kick out the bad assess in the Comelec ! May 10 is coming near!!

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