Friday, April 9, 2010

A visit to Balayan, Batangas

                                                    One day I accompanied my lawyer sis and a family friend to 

Batangas. We started out very early in the still dark morning, with only the neon lights to indicate the structures along the road.

 It is difficult to compose great photos when you are on  a moving platform as a car. But sometimes you will get breaks to photograph some nice looking houses and structures and lay of the land. 

Here is a nice looking house (not a native design alas!)along the SLEX to Tagaytay

The views from the highway are sometimes breathtaking but it is dangerous for motorists to stop just to take photos. Take the picturesque Taal lake with the volcano islands in its midst. Here is a view from the car.

The winding roads and changing elevation of the road helps the driver to be alert. 

We stopped at a McDonalds opposite Taal Vista Hotel.The McDo diner is beside a crowned shaped structure. 

This turned out to be a gambling casino.

The highway is dotted by subdivisions along the sides and it is a sobering development. What will happen to the farm lands? 

There were some orchards of mango trees as we approached Balayan from Tagaytay and San Alfonso and Nasugbo. Finally we arrived at Balayan, Batangas and we saw that the Market has moved beside a bus terminal.

Here is the Market in Balayan. You see, in the morning the fish section is most likely to have the freshest of the catch not necessarily from Balayan Bay, but also from fishponds.

Of course, buying fish was just one of those pleasant minor secondary reasons. But the most pleasant surprise was when we visited Balayan Baywalk. We thought all along last year the place was private because of the imposing entrance. How we were wrong. We went inside and saw the nice baywalk.

In the last picture are the stacks of the giant  Calaca power plant in the distance.  Batangas is a blessed province, with extensive natural resources. Now if only our national leadership  stopa corruption and really starts to make a genuine strong national  building process. 

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