Sunday, May 2, 2010

Stop the presses: A scandal involving Barak Obama!

Is this true? I was looking at the Alexa toolbar and was intrigued by an entry about Obama scandal. But when I clicked on it, all I got was a page telling me that it is not available for viewing in my location, the Philippines, the one and only Catholic nation in SouthEast Asia!

Whetting our curiousity we just Googled for ¨Obama, scandal"and was rewarded by a lot of juicy pages detailing supposed liasson in a hotel by Barak and his mistress V.B. in a hotel. What other good place you suggest for a romantic interlude, a wheelborrow?! (hard to believe it is true!). As if Obama is the one and only one president without a mistress! Pardon me but FDR, JFK and even the bald Ike have been known to have mistresses or escapades. These affairs pale in comparison with the affairs of our former president Jo Erap Estrada, and the titillating stories of our very own Estrada are verifiable even before the entertainment obssesessed greatest Filipino people voted such philanderer to the highest position of the Philippines!

If you believe in the Enguirer,a juicy tabloid full of wild claims, paparazzi shots (hey the people of the Enquirer have to eat cake too!) then bless you. Anything that adds readers, prestige or infamy to the Enquirer is ok with the management of the tabloid. Just buy the paper or read it, Ok?!

More dirt reading : Dont tell other people we spilt the beans. Our blog is for more serious matters but we do want some kicks in our readership: for people to visit us once in a while, to see that our humble blog exists.

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