Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Dealing with North Korea brinkmanship, danger to our national security.

The war between the Koreas is not officially over and is just a lull. The armistice only means that both has ceased broad military hostilities.

But a dangerous event has put more attention to North Korea. It was reported that the sinking of a South Korean warship with 46 sailors was caused by a torpedo fired by North Korea!

NORTH KOREA torpedoed SOUTH KOREAN warship!

What brinkmanship! We should be vigilant since we are currently a weak third world country. As a start, we should commence studies on how to effectively protect our airspace, land and territorial seas. Our military forces are being used for local purposes which is I believe a grave misuse. We must revive the PC but under a new name , maybe the Civil Guards to quell local banditry and unjustified local rebellion. We must have, or develop antiaircraft, anti ship and surface missiles.

We cannot afford to be fence sitters nor afford to have a strong military offensive capabilities. All we ask is that we must have a viable submarine, surface sea and land and air forces to protect the Motherland. Where did our funds for military modernization went to? We see high rises in Fort Bonifacio, but we are not against it. It means that the military sales was a massive failure. The previous administrations have not exercised due accountability but instead have depended on getting away with the BAHALA NA attitude of the general population. Our past leaderships has verged on treason for making our country weak militarily.

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