Sunday, May 2, 2010

It's the second round of the tougher, more intense, more physical NBA semifinals! Updated May 3,4,5,6

We start a new post which will cover the second round of the NBA games.
The second round saw complete sweeps in the Western Conference! We will watch the third round of the eliminations and start a new series on Monday.

Eastern Conference

Teams Game 1Game 2Game 3Game 4Game 5Game6Game 7
Cleveland Cavaliers 101 86 124 87 88 85
Boston Celtics 93 104 95 97 120 94

Celtics leads Cavaliers 3-2.

Game 1. May 1. Cleveland wins first game, with the following memorable events:
Mo Williams (6'-1") dunking over Paul Pierce(6'-7")
Shaq the 300+ pound gorilla cutting K. Perkins lips requiring 5 stitches!

Game2. Lebron MVP award did not inspire Lebron to put on a show! Celtins steal one on the road evening the series. The cavaliers will be in trouble if they continue this ladi-back careless style.

Game 3. The Cavaliers turned to be an animal awakened, with Lebron pouring on 21 points in First period quarter alone! Click on for Game 3 recap. This promises to be a physical affair if only the Cavaliers are dead serious.!

Game 4. May 10(PT) Are the Cavaliers subject to intermittent boredom? They seem listless again and lost! Fine for them for the series to go seven games. Rajon Rondo of Celtics shine in this game. For a recap, click on
4 recap

Game 5. What an embarrassing game for the Cavaliers. Did not watch the whole cable show. It only shows the supporting cast of Lebron is not up to par with the Celtics. But then there are so many stars(most of them aging) in the Boston Celtics.

Game 6. The Cavaliers almost displayed a laid back cavaliery attitude towards this series and will say goodbye to the playoffs. Click on Game 6 recap. There is no other superstar that helps James in the lineup, whereas the Celtics have three: Pierce, Garnett and Allen. Add Rasheed and you can see that James has to fight them almost single handedly.

Teams Game 1Game 2Game 3Game 4Game 5Game6Game 7
Orlando Magic 114 112 105 98
Atlanta Hawks 71 98 75 84

Magic sweeps Hawks, 4-0

Game 1. May 5PT. With Dwight Howard finally playing out of foul trouble, the Magic delivered a crushing blow to Atlanta. This may be a mismatch.This does not look like a game! This is a massacre. Visit recap of Game 1

Game 2. May 7PT. The magic shook off the early lead by Atlanta and bloomed in the fourth round with fantastic outside shooting. Visit 2nd game recap. Hopefully the Hawks will bounce back to get some wins.

Game3. May 9 PT. The Magic is a well balanced team and the cohesion contributed to another trouncing for the Hawks who lost at home. The next game hopefully will be more a game of pride (no none got out of a 3-0 hole). Click on Game 3 recap

Game 4. It is a clean sweep for the Magic which never lost a game in the Eastern Conference so far!

Western Conference

Teams Game 1Game 2Game 3Game 4Game 5Game6Game 7
LOs Angeles Lakers 104 111 111 111
Utah Jazz 99 103 110 96

Lakers sweeps Jazz: 4-0

Game 1. May 2. Lakers draw first blood (figuratively!) with Kobe and Odum performing at their best.

Game 2. May 5(PT). Utah is showing signs it can fight back though it fell short of catching up with the Lakers. It should not be shutout for the Jazz. click on
game 2 recap.\

Game 3. May 9 (PT). Lady Luck smiles on the Lakers as they eke out a win by one point!.
See Game 3 recap

Game 4. Its a clean sweep for the Lakers in the second round. It will meet Los Suns in the semifinals!

Teams Game 1Game 2Game 3Game 4Game 5Game6Game 7
San Antonio Spurs 102 102 96 101
Phoenix Suns 111 112 110 107

Suns wins Series over Spurs by a shutout!!! , 4-0

Game 1. History is made in the first win in the first game of a playoff series between these two teams. The Suns finally got one on Nash spectacular performance. The game was fast with plenty of running. Pure basketball entertainment. Visit recap of Game 1

Game 2. Rebounding and outside shooting helped in the Los Suns win over the Spurs. Click on for Game2 recap.

Game 3. It is thrilling to watch on cable the run and shoot fast paced series between the Suns and Spurs! Perhaps this is the year of the Phoenix Suns. The hex of losing four consecutive playoff series to the Spurs may be broken with the Suns deep bench with the brilliant Dragic, and reliable Barbosa. Visit 3rd game recap

Game 4. The improbable has happened! Suns winning over it nemesis near a decade( seven playoff years actually) of embarassing losses to the Spurs! What's nice is that the games between these two teams are never boring to watch over cable!

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