Monday, May 3, 2010

Vice presidential poll closed. Mar Roxas leads the pack with 66%.

Here is our final results for the Vice-presidential survey hosted in our blog: For this small survey of only 18 votes cast, we can't really make any firm conclusions.
But we can haphazard our guess that Mar Roxas is a big winner followed by Binay.
After Binay, Edu, Bayahani and Chimpeco shared the next rank while Legards, Yasay and Sonza are in the bottom of the heap.

Vice-presidential Poll
Rank Candidate Votes-Percent
1Mar Roxas 12 (66%)
2Jejoemar Binay3 (16%)
3Edu Manzano 1 (5%)
3Bayani Fernando 1 (5%)
3Dominador Chipeco 1 (5%)
4Loren Legarda 0 (0%)
4Perfecto Yasay0 (0%)
4Jay Sonza0 (0%)

No claim is made for unbiasedness. This poll is just an exercise to gauge the sentiments of the readers of this blog.

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