Monday, May 17, 2010

The finals is drawing near. The exciting third round. Who will represent the East and West?

It is time to forget our sadness towards the #1 regular season team, the Cleveland Cavaliers who lost to the Boston Celtics, and look forward to the third round of the eliminations or semifinals of the NBA.

Eastern Conference

Teams Game 1Game 2Game 3Game 4Game 5Game6Game 7
Boston Celtics 92 95
Orlando Magic 88 92

Celtics leads Magic 2-0.

Game 1. May 17 PT. Who would have thought that the Boston Celtics will give the Orlando Magic its first loss in the playoffs? But it is not farfetched since all the star players on Boston are healthy! and Rondo is having a hell of excellent performance.

Click on for a recap of Game 1.

Game 2. A loss of 3 points may show the Orlando Magic how to beat the celtics, but they have to do better next time as no team has won from a 0-3 hole performance!

Western Conference

Teams Game 1Game 2Game 3Game 4Game 5Game6Game 7
Los Angeles Lakers 128 124
Phoenix Suns 107 112

Los Angeles Lakers leads Phoenix Suns 2-0.

Game 1. May 18 PT. Kobe's 40 point output is no surprise. And the Lakers has shown they can play like the Suns run and gun game.But this is only the first game. We hope the Suns can provide tougher defense next time (Thursday PT).Gasol and Odum are the best players for the Lakers while only Richardson has the 3 point touch for the jittery Suns.

Game 2. The Suns performance has improved but not enough and got beaten by the LA Lakers.
The series now shifts to Phoenix. Kobe has turned to improving his assists rather than his shooting record. Visit Game 2 Box Score and Game 2 Recap.

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