Thursday, May 13, 2010

It was not the PCOS machines but the fast communication transmisssion of results stupid

Looking back at the May 10 presidential polls, this blogger believe that the fast transmission of precinct results contributed more to the the nil or low incidence of cheating in this election rather than the use of PCOS machines. In this era of inexpensive cell phones, there is no justification for slow release and transmission of results.

Consider the India which has a bigger voting population than the Philippines. It only takes 4 days to know completely the election results for the whole subcontinent. And even with the automated elections, we have the spectacle of the close vice presidential race because the results of some precincts like in the Visayas and Mindanao were still not transmitted as of now! Incredible.

Yet we understand that the results of the president and vice-president will only be known when Congress returns in session. The schedule for Congress to start tabulating must be moved forward! say one week after the election day.

Technology is not a solution, but it can only help in conducting a credible election. Consider the countries of Ireland and Germany. They still have manual counting and voters and the general population as a whole is not complaining.

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