Monday, May 10, 2010

The Amazing Binay

Jeojamar Binay, the former mayor of Makati City and whose new mayor is his son, may have caused an upset in the Vice-presidential race by besting other candidates. Binay did not appear in the top 2 positions in previous surveys except for a surge near the election day itself. It is only about 57 percent of total votes cast, so we will know if Mar Roxas can overtake him tomorrow or the day after.

Candidates do not have to shell out billions of false advertising since ultimately it will backfire on them. So the surprise in this election is the amazing leading position of Binay in the VP race.

We do not want to think that there is a conspiracy to make Binay the winner when all past poll surveys indicate Mar Roxas at the top. It is just incredible and may be a litmus test for the electronic voting. This may make the Aquino presidency weaker but Binay is a known supporter and family friend of the Aquinos.

The best advice we can suggest for Mar is NOT to concede and let Congress open and count the votes which they are empowered by law.

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