Sunday, March 28, 2010

Who do you trust about Condoms: The W.H.O. or the bishops?


You noticed that Philippine bishops would want to feel relevant in these times by issuing statements outside their field of expertise and instead express doubts about the efficacy of condoms in preventing the spread of sexual diseases and HIV(Aids)?

OK. How many American priests and Catholic workers died of Aids?
The W.H.O. statements contents can be summarized:

the W.HO.O. statement directly contradicted bishops' recent claims that condoms are too porous and do not work in preventing the spread of infection.

Dr Massimo Ghidinelli, the WHO's regional adviser on HIV-AIDS, said the WHO statement was "intended to clarify some of these regularly returning questions and doubts about the effectiveness of condoms."

Now as for the other claim by the bishops that such distribution of free condoms contribute to the promiscuity, may we invite them to comment on the Irish and Germanic problems about priestly abuses for which the Pope, yes the Pope, was even implicated for not doing anything about guilty priests?

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