Friday, March 26, 2010

Noynoy exceeded airtime at ABS-CBN?

Who is doing the counting? According to the rules, only 120 minutes airtime is allowed for each presidential candidate for each TV station. Well, here comes Comelec spokesman James Jimenez who claimed that Aquino has already used up 291.5 minutes of broadcast time while NP has already incurred 256.5 minutes of airtime on ABS-CBN between February 9 to March 12.

"They have maxed out their limits... everyone else is way below the limits for this particular channel," Jimenez said.

In an ambush interview in Valenzuela City, Aquino said he was not aware that he had exceeded the airtime limit.

"I have to check with my campaign staff and monitoring. I assume it would have been below the limit, especially given the very liberal ruling of the Comelec with regards to this," he said.

Aquino said he was last informed that he still had around 20 minutes of airtime left.

The crafty Villar has spent so much time advertising in TV before the official announcement of candidacy. This only shows that voting for Villar means voting for someone who bends the SPIRIT of the law to his advantage. Everything is legal. But deep in the hearts of the common man, something gnaws in his mind that someon was getting away legally with premature campaigning.

Let us see if Noynoy can wiggle out of this predicament.

News!! (Mar 28). Noynoy claims Comelec may have erred in computing his airtime.

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