Thursday, March 25, 2010

Election Campaign Suspense: Who violated TV air-time limit?

The Comelec is having a ball playing a game of innuendos, suspicion and doubt by making the people wait until next week for the name of a leading candidate who exceeded TV airtime limit. The only candidate I know who done it and made the others catch up is moneyed Manny Villar if and only if you include the advertising before the official filing of candidacy.

The Comelec is making a powder keg which may blow up in its face. For the benefit of the Comelec, some civic minded organization Pera at Pulitika has computed the remaining TV time for us:

Remaining time(minutes) in major networks
CandidateABS-CBNGMA Network
Manny Villar 11.756.75
Noynoy Aquino22.5 7
Dick Gordon 5243
Gibo Teodoro120 120

Villar meanwhile, naturally could not help but cast doubt on the figures issued by the political ads monitoring group Pera at Pulitika.

He said:

“Mabuti at nagbabantay sila ng mga bilang ng ating mga advertisement. Sana lamang ay marunong silang bumilang (It’s good that they are monitoring the number of minutes of our advertisements. I just hope that they really know how to count)."

From the above excerpts, Gibo has shown a good General at war's strategy. Let the enemies expend too much time and energy. Then strike when they are tired. :)

Source: pinoy exchange

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