Thursday, March 18, 2010

The best way to sing the national anthem?

Filipinos are excellent copycats. After watching a lot of TV shows showing individual renditions of the Star Spangled banner, they want to do it with Lupang Hinirang.

Well there is a law, stupid or not, that the national anthem should be sung only according to the original composition and music or tempo of Julian Filipe. It is a waste of time for showing fake patriotism just by singing. One must NOT BE CORRUPT to sing the national anthem.

The best way to sing the national anthem is to do it in a chorus or just let a band do it. With the way our leaders rule the country, the national anthem is losing its hair raising emotional uplift when sung and heard.

Visit UP Concert Chorus for a right way to sing the anthem. (It may be boring for some.)

Maybe it is time that we have a national competition for a national song which can be sung with artistic license.

Don't get mad at ntionalists insisting that Lupang Hinirang be sung in a militaristic manner. Remember that even france has an Academy Francais to protect anything French. There is no close equivalent organization in the Philippines.

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