Sunday, March 28, 2010

Has our beloved president gone bastos?

we don't honestly know what came over our president. After getting a go-ahead signal from the Arroyo packed Supreme Court about midnight appointments, she went into a midnight appointments madness.

One notorious example is the sacking of the current ambassador to Germany and her replacement with a new appointee. Now an ambassador is given a grace period of 30 days to prepare to give way to a new one. but the current ambassador, who went home to get an award from the president nevertheless for best diplomatic service got the shock of here life! New ambassadors are subject to approval of Commission on Appointments by the legislature which is currently in recess. And since the HOLY week is upon us, we can only conclude that the president has done a faux pas, even an illegal one, and a bad case of bad manners. In other words, she has committed a kabastosan.

Enough, we will give space to her innumerable spokespersons to explain the matter.

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