Thursday, March 25, 2010

What the SC decision has wrought: GMA on midnight appointment madness

Visit March 26, 2010, Philstar: GMA replacing officials en masse
by Paolo Romero and Pia Lee-Brago.

After getting a go-signal from the Arroyo-packed SC, that the midnight ban does NOT apply to appointments to the judiciary, GMA has gone appointment crazy and named an ambassador, several officials of government agencies, and replacing the entire boards of two cultural institutions with barely three months left in her term and despite the constitutional ban on midnight appointments in ALL branches of government, as even clearly expounded by a former SC CJ Hilario Davide in the proceedings of the `987 Concon.

See? The Supreme Court has now released the pent-up power hungry forces in GMA and made her the foremost violator of the Constitution with the blessings of the Supreme Court.

It is high time that these idiots at constitutional law be replaced. Vote wisely come the general presidential election. This may be the only chance for the country to move forward and away from the evil magic of the halls and mirrors of the GMA administration.

Almost all executive, legislative and now the judicial branches are now contributing to the specter of a Gloria dictatorship.

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