Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Let Arroyo name the next Chief Justice- portent of troubles ahead?

Reporter Tech Torres of the Philippine Daily Inquirer reported that the Supreme Court voted 9-1-3-2 (for, against, inhibited, dismissal of petitions) that Arroyo can appoint next Chief Justice

Here is how they voted:
For : Associate Justices Lucas Bersamin (penned the decision), Jose Perez, Martin Villarama, Roberto Abad, Arturo Brion, Diosdado Peralta, Mariano del Castillo, Teresita Leonardo de Castro, and Jose Mendoza.

Against: Conchita Carpio-Morales.

Inhibited: Chief Justice Puno, and Associate Justices Renato Corona and Antonio Carpio.

Two voted for dismissal of all petitions. Associate Justices Antonio Eduardo Nachura and Presbitero Velasco voted to dismiss all petitions filed for and against the appointment issue, citing that these are “premature.”

Is this portent of troubles ahead? Did the Supreme Court listened to the IBP and other lawyer groups? Were the justices doing an "utang na loob"?

It takes time to form an opinion on a topic as weighty as this one. And this has to be tempered since GMA still has not named the next Chief Justice. We will wait patiently.

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