Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Testing latex equations in blogger (blogspot): SUCCESS!!

I have followed instructions from the site hello-ed and I am eager to see if the following works.


Hope so.

March 31. Does not work out. So I deleted the addin.
Will review on April Fools day after finishing the blue books checking.

Here is the second latex addin to try from on the following inline equation \int_0^{\infty} x^2 which is rendered as $\int_0^{\infty} x^2 dx$

That amazingly works!! I hope the Latex server works all the time. To create display math,
we write the equation between a matched pair of backlash[ and backslash ].

\[\int_0^{\infty} x^2 dx \]

Hm.... Will I start migrating the math blogs hosted in to to my blogger blogs which have zero hosting costs? I will do it slowly otherwise it will tax our soul,body and mind.


  1. good work man. might do the same

  2. why do you have fishes on the side?

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  4. Am a little disappointed. The \overline command does not work unlike in Latex plugin for Wordpress. Will investigate more addins when we have the time.

    @bobby: The fishes are there for relaxation.Put your mouse inside their box and they weill converge on it to feed.