Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Test your Statistics Understanding! Part I

This test is mirrored in the Digital Explorations weblog. The latex plugin for Blogger is still not up to par with those available for Wordpress.This test is mirrored in Dr-Adorio-Adventures I don't really know what's wrong with this Latex plugin.It prefers you build up the equation, render it, re-edit, rerender.... What works in Wordpress may not work at once in Blogger!

From the Word Bank provided at the end of the problems, write down the best answer.

  1. The value computed by $\frac{(\sum x-\overline{x})(\sum y - \overline{y})}{(n-1)\sigma_x \sigma_y}$
  2. A plot which quickly shows the distribution of the data, showing minimum, Q1, median, Q2, maximum values.
  3. A plot which simply shows points $(x_i, y_i)$ to help discern patterns between a variable $X$ and $Y$.
  4. In a sample, the value with the greatest frequency.
  5. The value $(x-\mu)/\sigma$ corresponding to a raw value $x$.
  6. In ordinary regression, the value computed by $\overline{y}- b \overline{x}$.
  7. The probability of commiting a type I error.
  8. The probability of obtaining at least an extreme value as the test statistic observed.
  9. A statement that there is no difference between parameters of two populations.
  10. In ordinary regression, the value computed by $\frac{n\sum xy -\sum x\sum y}{n\sum x^2 -(\sum x)^2}$
  11. The type of error commited when failing to reject the null hypothesis when in fact it is False.
  12. A french mathematician who lived in England who was the first to apply the normal curve equation.
  13. A bell shaped, symmetric continuous distribution also called gaussian distribution.
  14. The discrete distirbution which describes the probability of success of a single event.
  15. A continuous bell shaped distribution which arises when the standard deviation of the population is not known.
  16. The discrete distribution which describes rare events like deaths due to kick of horses.
  17. The distribution which describes the number of having babies until a boy appears.

Most of the answers are found in the following Word Bank:

p-value, significance level, scatterplot, boxplot, correlation coefficient, 
mode,  z-score, intercept, beta coefficient, slope, Null hypothesis, 
Type II error, degree of freedom,Legendre, de Moivre,  
Normal distribution curve, t-distribution, Bernoulli distribution, 
Poisson distribution, geometric distribuition

Answers to be published on April 8, 2010 in this blog entry page.

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