Monday, March 29, 2010

The Presidential War in the Internet: official web page of the candidates.

We will only present web pages which changed a lot the last time we presented the official web pages of the presidential candidates. You can see previous web pages in our digital explorations site.

  1. Benigno Aquino []

    His cousin does not believe in his Ha. Luisita promise. Can we believe Noynoy, ignoring Luisita?
  2. Erap Estrada[]

    Erap para sa mahirap is the message of this candidate, a former president. You know what happened don't you?

  3. Dick Gordon[]

    Simplest page of the lot. The candidate's photo exudes confidence and he looks frank.

    Will Dick win outside of Olongapo? Is he in speaking terms with JC (another Olongapo native son)?
  4. Jamby Madrigal[]

    Please click on her site. We cant strangely display her whole web site as a single image.

    Only a miracle can make Jamby win but she will make a fine fiscalizer if she remained a candidate for senator. I learned a lot from her web page!

  5. Nicanor Perlas[]

    Nick heralds a new crop of earnest, honest candidates but the people will not be ready for them.

  6. JC delos Reyes[]

    There seems to have NO major changes in the official web page of JC delos Reyes so we pass up on his webpage.

    Lets be honest. We wonder why JC run for president?

  7. Gibo Teodoro[]

    Expect a lot of fireworks from Gibo this April. He is one major candidate with plenty of TV ads to air left. And don't forget he is after all the administration candidate.

  8. Ed Villanueva[]

    He may not practically win, but he can try.

  9. Manuel Villar[]

    His page shows awesomeness and high promises, but his TV ads verge on the OA and hyperbole.

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