Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Villaroyo is getting truer each day!

As much as this cutesy administration and the camp of Villar deny the allegations, the idea that the true candidate of the administration is moneyed Manny Villar is getting truer each day.

Here is the latest headline from the Inquirer: Arroyo party breaking up;First Gentleman blamed

The news item even insinuates that the Arroyos's withold monetary campaign fund support to Teodoro and instead give it to Villar.

Moreso, the reason the Garcias shifted support from Teodoro to Villar was that the FG (First Gentleman) called them up.

This strange turn of events where Lakas-Kampi candidates and current politicians are shifting their allegiance to the NP headed by Villar is a cause for conncern. The very fact that the presidency (by command responsibility) is contributing to this instability might be a reason the people might get so mad and install Aquino with or withtout an election and send the Arroyo family to exile thru a people's revolution. History repeats itself!!

We hope that we are not living thru a nightmare.

And lastly, we are sure the Inquirer is not printing an April 1 Fool's day news item!

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