Monday, June 7, 2010

Math 101, BM 180: References for Statistics

I have bought a lot of second hand books on Statistics, some with CDROMS.
Here is a list not necessarily in order of importance.

  1. David L. Eldredge, An Excel Companion for Business Statistics (with floppy disk!), South
    Western College Publishing (International Thomson Publishing Company), 1999

  2. Louis Maisel, Probability, Statistics and Random Processes, Simon and Schuster, 1971
  3. Mario F.Triola, Elementary Statistics, 5e, Addison-Wesley, 1993
  4. Lydia Ybanez, Basic Statistics, Phoenix Publishing House, 1995
  5. Berenson, Levine, and Krehbel: Basic Business Statistics, Concepts and Applications, 10e
    Pearson, Prentice-Hall,2006
  6. Flordeliza Reyes: Applied Basic Statistics, Phoenix Publishing House, 1996

  7. Dretzke, Mclaughlin, Wakefield: Technology Manual for the Elementary Statistics, Picturing the World, 3e,Pearson Prentice-Hall, 2006

  8. Ronald E, Walpole: Introduction to Statistics,3e, 1997, Simon and Shuster, 1997.

There are more and we will continue... and we still buy books if it strikes our fancy or whets our interests.

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