Thursday, June 10, 2010

Free online references for the Burg algorithm

  1. M.J.L. DE HOON, T.H.J.J. VAN DER HAGEN, H. SCHOONEWELLE, AND H. VAN DAM: "Why Yule-Walker should not be used for autoregressive modeling"
    Pdf file
  2. Mathworks, Matlab: "Signal Processing Toolbox,Documentation" Html page
  3. Rami Kanhouche: "A Modified Burg Algorithm Equivalent In Results to Levinson Algorithm" Pdf file

  4. Bos, Waele and Broersen: "AR spectral estimation to Irregularly Sampled Data" Pdf file

  5. Collomb: "Tutorial on Burg's method, algorithm and and recursion.Pdf file
    This tutorial includes a C++ program! We will read more references first before we translate this.

We wil add more references as we try to create an implementation in Python for education purposes.We have translated a C++ implementation! Visit Python code.

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