Saturday, June 12, 2010

After 6 long years, mom helps Thai police nab Philippines Most Wanted.

The Philippine Daily Inquirer has an interesting news item today, June 12, 2010.

I often wondered while we were riding the school van along Edsa why there were posters about the search for Jose Panlilio accused of murder of two brothers in 2003. We knew it was not put up there by government authorities but only today I know that it was the murdered brothers mom and relatives who spent a lot of money and time to seek the person suspected to be the one responsible.Certainly the flight of Panlilio, a scion of the prominent Panlilio jewellers clan, is one good indicator of guilt, more so if hiding for a long time. The murdered brothers' mom who is now at age 72, never gave up and it is heart warming that she even went to Thailand, with relevant papers on the case to identify Panlilio who was finally caught after an unknown tipster communicated with the the mother.

Of course, the Phil. government has no active office to catch fugitive abroad. Witness its inutility in finding Senator Lacson who is wanted on the Corbito case. The relatives of the victims has offered 5 million for tips and the mom has indicated she will give out the just reward.

It took 6 years for the fugitive, it may take out another long years in the legal system of the Philippines. Justice has not been fully served yet. It has only began for the long murdered brothers.

We hope that the mom will live long to see the fugitive behind bars, locked up for life, never to elude authorities again.

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