Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Topblogs resume updates of rankings of educational blogs.

I noticed last night that topblogs has resumed reporting on the latest updated rankings of educational blogs based in the Philippines or managed by Filipinos, instead of going to the topblogs site and clicking on the statistics for the particular blog. The ranks should show some changes in a day based on the dynamics of internet users visiting an educational site.

That is good news for us, as viewers can then see at a glance the relative standings of all currently listed blogs.

We will still continue our new method of reporting based on the statistics though as this system is reliable allowing us to determine the actual current rank even if topblogs does not show the updated rankings. I find following the topblogs rankings exciting and the rankings are useful in case a blogger wants to see why a particular blog has gone up in rank suddenly or even simply disappeared like Mathalino, a Romanian Univserity site, and a thesis, reporting service site Thinking Made Easy.

We shall improve our own reporting suite, including Google page rank, Alexa and even the estimated worth of a site. Stay tuned.

We use clustrmaps, independently, to track our actual visitors count. As of Sep 29, our total visitors stands at 82,570. We are pulling in, in our main blogging site at digial explorations, greater than 300 visitors much of the time each day of the week(except on Sunday). We wish to maintain it and in fact see if we can double that and
achieve our goal of 100,000 visits before the end of the year.

Thanks to our repeat visitors for continuing patronage. Email me (ernesto.adorio@gmail.com) for corrections for errors found in any article and suggestions on new topics. I still think I can easily double the number of articles within the remaining three months of the year.

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