Monday, July 12, 2010

Thinking Made Easy aka IvyThesis is Gone from Topblogs?!!

I was wondering why my ranking made a jump from #17 to #14 when there were not much browsers to my site at Digital Explorations. Clicking on the latest topblogs/education rankings near midnight, I was shocked that Thinking Made Easy was not in the list.

This blog, "Thinking made Easy",hosted at easily lorded over the rest of the educational blogs listed in the topblogs, by simply offering "free" research and term papers and theses on business, marketing and management and project and case studies. We don't know if it is the action of topblogs or of the blogmaster itself to delist from topblogs. But it will not certainly be forgotten, and our snapshots of rankings we had recorded for so long from late 2009 even up to now will be a testament to its Internet audience drawing power. In one day it can already amass unique visitors greater than our weekly and even monthly cumulative totals! But it looked foreign to us (Hongkong based), we don't really know if it is a Filipino expat managing it.

So Coolbuster is #1 again, and we know that its blogmaster never rests to find interesting items to put in his blog. But it has gone a great simplification in page design. I don't think we can deliver so intense and focused attention to keeping blogs upto date, but we WILL TRY! Maybe I will be a professional blogger in my next self-reinvention.

To other blogmasters in the below 20 ranks, let's improve our blogs and offer stiff competition to to the top ranked blogs. We will all benefit from our efforts and the best world bloggers may arise from the Philippines! Mabuhay! :)

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