Thursday, July 8, 2010

Lebron and Bosh want an NBA title with Wade!

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The wait and suspense is over! Now we know that Lebron James simply wants a title to go with his basketball accomplishments. Perhaps he felt jinked in Cleveland, even if they have achieved the highest wins in the regular season. The Cavaliers simply fall flat when the playoffs come!

These superstarts should have no problem with chemistry. They are good friends during the Olympics and have already met with each other once the free agency period started. It would be nice if they can get Dwight Howard(ha ha) or another big man or a bruiser or a wrestler into the super dream team in Miami. They should not worry about their bench. The ever humble and selfless Udonis Haslem is still around, who was part of the 2006 championship. But they may have to part with the young, talented but still growing Michael Beasley to be under the salary cap.

The Los Angeles Lakers has only two superstars, Kobe and Paul Gasol and a dangerous and worthy big center Andrew Bynum. But the three, repeat THREE superstars Wade, James and Bosh may herald a new era of Miami heat dominancy, and so we hope!

We are glad money and advertising income were not only the factors in James decision. All that matters was he ever an NBA champion? and that goes for Bosh, who does not have much have experience support in the court.

All in all, the winners are the people who follow the NBA. We will be happy to follow up the regular and the playoffs 2010-2011 Kobe must be wondering about the future too.

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