Friday, July 9, 2010

April 2010 Civil Service Results. How to get your official exam rating.

Due to the sheer number of examinees in all regions of the country who took the April 2010 Civil Service Commision (CSC) Professional and subprofessional examinations, examinees are suggested to enter his/her exam identification data to the following site to get their individual scores (passers or not): has a region by complete region by region lists of SUCCESSFUL examinees. Visit the site
and look at the top! of the page and click the region or special region in which you took the test.

We try to look for other sources of lists, such as public newspapers. We will be back within a week to have a copy of the successful examinees. We were unsucessful last year to obtain the lists from the CSC site itself. This site is taking too long to respond!

Well CSC has improved its response and and we are able to copy the complete lists manually! Refer to our master entry at Digital Explorations and at
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