Saturday, March 5, 2011

Games 61, 62. Miami Heat, Three straight losses?!

We are sure that the current Miami Heat is a playoff team by the end of April. However the string of three straight embarrassing losses to the Bulls, Magic and Spurs makes one feel that 2011 will NOT be the year the Miami Heat will end the Eastern Conference champion, but we still wish they can!

The opposing teams are simply too good and are more cohesive.
We need Bosh to work harder in the low post. If he can regain his normal shooting percentage when he was still a Raptor, the Heat would be a much better team.

Game 62 Miami Heat vs San Antonio Spurs.

A loss (95 to 125) by 30 points is not a reason to panic, though such loss means a loss of compusure. We want Riley to give more motivational speeches to the bench!

Recap Heat vs Spurs
Boxscore Heat vs Spurs

Game 61 Miami Heat vs Orlando Magic.

Losing to the Magic was painful, blowing a 24 point advantage at the half-way point makes it doubly painful.

Boxscore Heat vs Magic
Recap Heat vs Magic

Miami Heat is now in third place. and if it meets with Chicago in the playoffs, the latter team has the tiebreaker.

Heat now is at 43-19.Eighteen games to go! Next game opponent is Chicago on Sunday(Monday in the Philippines).

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