Sunday, March 6, 2011

Game 63: Miami Heat vs Chicago Bulls: Four losses in a row!!!

Miami Heat Team cannot hold on to its early lead and has blown its chances four straight times already with the latest 86-87 to the chicago bulls.

Is there something in having the Miami Heat as opponent which brings out the best in other teams? Yes, the early hype build-up since the big 3 coalesce in Miami to form a "super" team, and the focus of the TV cameras, the Miami Heat is fun to watch! They exemplify human nature. This only makes the Spurs, who play scientifically, a boring "alien" perfect NBA team.

We will still root for the Miami Heat, even with bruised egos and hurts. It is an emotionally charged situation whenever our "whipping boy" team, the Miami Heat plays. But we hope they will still be in the playoffs, then the pressure to be selflesss, to be at their best will somehow rub off on the Heat, and we dont have to wait for many years for the Heat to repeat its 2006 glory year.

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The Heat now owns a win-loss record of 43-20.

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