Thursday, February 24, 2011

Game 58: Miami Heat vs Chicago Bulls, a furious rally at 3rd quarter by Bulls results in a sad loss, 89-93

An interesting game between the second and third Eastern Conference best NBA teams. The Bulls are showing they are no pushovers and are destined to be in the playoffs.

Right now the score is 84-83 in favor of the Heat, but fortunes can change in a twinkiling of the eye.
We will be right back in a moment. The blogger software blog editor is getting jumpy or we may have intermittent connections.

Here is the final game score.

Miami Heat 3122 14 2289
Chicago Bulls 23 2127 2293

Congrats to the Chicago Bulls. There is still a not so comfortable margin of two games ahead for Miami over Chicago in the Eastern Conference standings. The current win-loss record of the Miami Heat is now at 42-16.

This will result in a soul-searching analysis for Miami Heat. What went wrong? The prospect of playing the Miami Heat sometimes brings out the best in the opposing team :)

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