Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Casio new color graphing calculator:FXCG-10

We are glad Casio is introducing a new graphing calculator,
the PRIZM fx-CG10, which will cost US$130.00 and which is described as

We dont know if this newest entry in the shrinking calculator market is really a game changer.
For one, the feature of fitting curves to photos may easily be adopted as a software tool in other portable devices. We want to know more:

  1. Is this calculator programmable?
  2. Does this calculator have a symbolic math capability?
  3. Does this calculator have slots for SD cards?
  4. Can this calculator be powered from a usb cable?

Visit Casio Education description

We still have to compare the latest offering of Casio to the Black and White symbolic calculators of Texas Instruments such as TI-89, Nspire, and other models which have enabled TI to corner the educational market.

We dont think that the newest Casio can also compare in computing capabilities to the extremely powerful HP-50G which we even have not mastered till now!

However, we still have not decided whether an Iphone or an Ipad would be much better, especially when one is not a college student anymore. Powerful calculator software programs take advantage of the UI of the IPhone|Ipad to good effects, and the Ipad and Iphone have many more uses, thouh
they could be banned in examinations!

The only amazing thing about this calculator at the moment is the high resolution color screen and the photo curve equation generator. There should be more to make this calculator more popular and likeable enough for present owners of other calculators to rush out and buy this newest calculator from Casio.

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